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Jessica Lomelin / Equal Measures 2030

Empowered adolescents in El Salvador: “We need to know what must be done”

“My name is Yenifer and I am 18 years old. I am an adolescent empowered in the protection of the rights of girls and adolescents in El Salvador. I have had the opportunity to see the realities that many girls and adolescents have experienced around different forms of violence – whether it be sexual, physical or emotional violence.

Part of my goal is to work towards a future where children and adolescents in El Salvador do not suffer these types of violence or rights violations.

“I feel that we undervalue girls and women in my community.”

I joined a community activism and campaign group when I was 15 to educate other youth and their parents about human rights and gender equality issues. I started to learn how to speak in my community, how to improve my communication and advocacy skills. Then I discovered I loved public speaking and expressing my mind.

Jessica Lomelin / Equal Measures 2030

Jessica Lomelin / Equal Measures 2030

I am the only girl in my community to go to high school, amongst a school of 300 students. It was hard at first, especially as everyone would say to me, ‘she’s going to get pregnant and eventually drop out’. I see a similar cycle in my community. Girls drop out of school and then they fall pregnant. For me, that was personal motivation to continue going to school.

Knowledge can never be taken away from us, and if we are meant to eradicate violence against women, for example, we must know what needs to be done. We have laws, but we do not enforce them.

I always had good grades, and knew I wanted to be a good person. My parents say to me, ‘we don’t want you to turn out like us.’ My mother’s childhood was terrible, as she witnessed a lot of abuse and violence.

Gender equality is a huge topic in my community. I feel that we undervalue girls and women in my community. It’s important to become educate and express our concerns to our mayor, asking questions like ‘why doesn’t a woman run for mayor?’

When I am older, I want to study media and communications to raise my voice and transmit information to my community. Technology is available to everyone and it should be used to educate people.”

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