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Jessica Lomelin / Equal Measures 2030

Advocating for rights of women displaced by the conflict

“As a result of the armed conflict, my community where I lived as a child was displaced – some 1,600 families,” says Nini.

“It was not a very developed place, but it was still my home. I moved to a town six hours away, and there I became aware of all of the community spaces where people could raise their voice. As most of the leaders were men, they determined the social issues that would be discussed. But naturally, I saw things from another perspective.

Jessica Lomelin / Equal Measures 2030

Nini, an advocate from Medellin region, Colombia, sits with a sign she’s written, translated as, “Women do not give birth to sons and daughters for the war.”

Dedicates time to women’s land rights and forced displacement

“I’ve been active in community advocacy work and want to dedicate my time and energy to land rights for women and forced displacement as a result of the armed conflict.

In my experience, women do not have the opportunity to own or maintain property in their city – because of the conflict, they have to leave behind an entire house and land. I believe women have been the most impacted by the armed conflict and have since struggled to access social and health

Moving forward

“When I was evacuated (once more) in 2017, without any reparation, my parents were very worried about me. I was not threatened though. I was there negotiating with other leaders, asking the government, “what support or guarantees are you going to give us?”

“Everything has a risk, but I fight for my son. Last time I went to my town was 2.5 years ago, but I’ll never go back. I need to move forward and support women as we collectively protect ourselves and demand the lives we deserve.”

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