About The Gender Advocates Data Hub

EM2030’s new tool – the SDG Gender Index – aims to tell the story of progress for girls and women and measure whether the world is on track to achieve gender equality by 2030.  The EM2030 SDG Gender Index is complemented by a wealth of data, evidence and stories for and by advocates on the Gender Advocates Data Hub.

The Gender Advocates Data Hub enables advocates to explore resources that provide context and nuance for the interpretation of global trends. It looks beyond the numbers to tell stories about progress within countries and to show the faces and voices of individual women and girls and their unique perspective on progress towards gender equality.

Data visualizations and country profiles are used to drill down from the Index to deeper analysis and storytelling on specific themes, SDGs and targets. Users can explore the SDGs based on cross-cutting thematic areas of interest, read about women and girls in our initial focus countries who are using data to drive action and change in their communities, or just go straight to the data to unpack the insights and findings from our SDG Gender Index.

We hope our interactive and easy-to-use Gender Advocates Data Hub becomes a go-to resource for evidence-based policy and advocacy on gender equality and a broader resource for tracking gender and development-related progress.

Disclaimer: The maps displayed in Equal Measures 2030’s (EM2030) Gender Advocates Data Hub are for reference only. The boundaries, colors, denominations and any other information shown on these maps do not imply, on the part of EM2030, any judgment on the legal status of any territory, nor endorsement or acceptance of such boundaries. For more information, please contact info@equalmeasures2030.org


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